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Many visitors to this site have asked if they can donate to fight back against Sarah Palin’s attacks. Now, you can!

Republican attacks have inspired community organizers around the country to…well…get organized. We figure the best way to fight back against the Republican attacks is to use all the attention they have given us to attract and train a new generation of community organizers, who can carry on our vital work for years into the future.

That’s why we’re launching the Sarah Palin Action Fund for Organizer Training! Every dollar contributed to the Sarah Palin Action Fund will be used to train new community organizers from all over America by supporting the Midwest Academy, our nation’s premier training institute for community organizers, which has launched its own “Community Organizers Fight Back Fund.” Donations can be made by clicking below–and will be tax-deductible, because the Midwest Academy is entirely non-partisan.

Click here to donate to the Sarah Palin Action Fund for Organizer Training.

When we’re done, we will send Sarah Palin a huge thank-you letter for raising awareness of the vital role of community organizing and for allowing us to raise these much-needed funds! We’ll make sure she knows that her attacks have made us stronger.

Click here to donate to the Sarah Palin Action Fund for Organizer Training.

We’re setting a goal of reaching $10,000 in contributions from ordinary Americans who support community organizing and don’t like to hear our political leaders attack hardworking community organizers. Can you help us reach that goal?

Donated so far: $2,600
Goal: $10,000

Click here to donate to the Sarah Palin Action Fund for Organizer Training.


17 responses to “Donate Now!

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  2. The name of your fund is confusing; would Sara Palin be benefiting from donations? Why would you name a fund after your adversary?

  3. I love the “Sarah Palin Action Fund” idea! Let’s endow a whole group of scholarships for organizers in her name! How fun would it be for someone to say “I’m a Sarah Palin scholar in community organizing…”?

  4. It might be nice to accept comments or create a petition of sorts so that those who don’t choose to donate can still help create buzz and a bulk of comments. You could send the comments or just numbers to media and the McCain campaign and RNC to show how many people are perturbed by the scathing remarks made at their convention.

  5. Okay, I just donated $50 to the fund. Looks like we’re up past $1,000 now. How far can we push it?!?

  6. another organizer

    What a brilliant idea!
    This is a short-term project, not a new training institute, so I’m not worried about
    mistakenly giving credit to our “adversary”. The name grabs your attention and seems to be attracting support from people willing to donate. I’m going to chip in my $50 now too!

  7. I am with you but only can send cash… and on a budget. But I believe in what you are doing!

  8. I think this is a great idea and I am Very Happy to see this point brought up! it is infuriating to hear the republican speak as they have.

    I think that serious consideration should be given to the name of your action plan. It seems as though Sarah palin is beig memorialized in this title. I truely think the name should change and that her name should not be given energy and attention as it is here. We should think of Obama, not her. i think this could at the very least, cause confusion. Please think about it.

  9. This issue can not go away! The GOP stalwarts belittle community organizing and community organizers because they– wealthy conservative republicans–are the true elitists whose interests are protected by corporate lobbyists and corporate CEOs. They have no idea what it is like to live in forgotten communities of working people. The hate-mongering of the Republican Party hit an all time low when they mocked community organizers. What would Jesus say?

  10. how about calling it tha “f–k sara palin action fund” so that people know that she iz tha one who spurred this action by pissing off community organizerz because she obviously haz no idea about helping to build community. much love. i hope you go far. i’m interested in more actually. thanx.

  11. Just made a donation to the action fund. Excellent idea! Thanks!

  12. If the government did its job we would not need community organizers.

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  14. friend of the cause

    I just donated to the Palin Action fund and am going to spread the word in my community to try and get more attention for your cause. Thank you for supporting the work of organizing and helping to bring some sanity to this mad mad world.

  15. great idea! is there a facebook group/cause for this, to help spread the word more? with all the tokenistic facebook groups, this would be a welcome change…

  16. Lucy as in I Love, but no relation...darn it.

    As soon as payday comes around I will donate $10. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be more. Payday is around the first of the month.

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